Mobile optical cable assembly MOCA


Fiber optic cables


Protective Plastic Pipes


Optical fiber distribution frames


Fiber optic cable joints

"CPS "OpticCom" designs and produces mobile fiber optic cable assembly MOCA (tactical fiber cable), and also supplies a variety of fiber optic communication line components as a distributor:

  • fiber optic cables – leading Russian manufacturer "OCS 01" Co. Ltd.
  • protective plastic pipes and accesories – "Plastcom" Co. Ltd.
  • line telecommunicational equipment – "T8" Co. Ltd, "Supertel" JSC, "Natex" Group
  • high-strength and submarine fiber cable joints – "SPC "Optical Communications" Co. Ltd.
  • optical fiber distribution frames and units – "TechCon" Co. Ltd.

Our specialists posess rich practical experince in design and construction of fiber optic telecommuncation lines. They use their fundamental knowledge in both theory and practice of fiber cable structure and parameters design. Our long-term direct contacts with manufacturers and our extensive experience enable us to offer the best solutions to the customer, maximizing the price-quality ratio using optimized fiber cable and accessories.

We work with a limited number of manufacturers to ensure ultimate quality and compatibility of all supplied products.


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