Design of fiber optic communication lines is the key specialization of CPS “OpticCom”. We offer a wide range of services, such as:

  • Design of communication lines terminals and buildings

  • Equipping communication lines with digital transmission systems, employing DWDM, STM and other technologies

  • Design of maintenance-free regeneration points on fiber optic communication lines.

All design is created in accordance with all legal regulations and documents. We select optimal solutions based on customer’s requirements, high technology standards, our specialists’ experience and thorough market research.


Engineering survey

The most important stage of preparation for the building design creation is the collection of topographic, geodetic, geotechnical and ecological data. It can only be obtained by performing a set of engineering surveys.

Within a complex set of engineering surveys, our company is ready to make:

  • Geodetic survey, that gives information on natural features of the construction site, the relief of the territory and the presence of buildings, structures and engineering networks on it.

  • Geological survey, that gives data about the structure and composition of the soil and geological rocks on the construction site.

  • Environmental and ecologic survey, that enables to assess the state of human pressure on the environment and forecast the consequences of the construction works.

We approach all these types of work thoroughly and responsibly, using the most advanced equipment and strictly abide by all the rules and building codes. All this allows us to perform engineering surveys for preparation of project documentation of any complexity and volume.


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