Mobile optical cable assembly (MOCA)

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CPS “OpticCom” presents the Mobile Optical Cable Assembly (MOCA) based on a new line of small-size fiber optic cables of various designs terminated with hermaphroditic Expanded Beam MINI lens-type connectors. Field-deployable optical cable MOCA is a miniaturized alternative to existing tactical fiber optic cable assemblies, that combines superior mechanical and optical performance with great ergonomics, low weight and small size – cable and connector outer diameters are only 4.1 and 21 mm respectively. The hermaphroditic design allows assemblies be chained together without adapters, which provides fast and durable installation of network system.

Ruggedized expanded beam connectors are specifically designed for quick and easy deployment in harsh environments. A spherical lens is used in the connector to magnify and collimated the light, coming from the optical fiber. Then the collimated light is transmitted to the lens of the mating connector, which focuses it to the optical fiber. Thanks to the multifold light active area expansion the connector becomes very resistant to shock, vibration and contamination, such as dust, dirt and moisture, that can significantly degrade or even obscure the traditional physical-contact connectors.

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Central tube based fiber optic cable benefits

  • long lifetime;
  • low weight and small size;
  • high resistance to mechanical and environmental influences, such as:
    • temperature;
    • tensile load;
    • crush;
    • looping.

Expanded Beam MINI connectors benefits

  • resistant to dust, mud, sand (IP68);
  • waterproof;
  • compact design;
  • easy to clean and use;
  • no mechanical contact;
  • over 30000 cycles of mating without degradation of optical performance;
  • typical insertion loss ≤ 1,5 dB at ʎ 1310 and 1550 nm;
  • typical return loss ˃ 35 dB at ʎ 1310 and 1550 nm.
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  • Mobile telecommunication systems:
    • broadcasting;
    • public events;
    • field hospitals.
  • Mobile command post:
    • emergency services;
    • mining, explorations.
  • Local networks:
    • oil & gas factories and exploration;
    • ships and ports;
    • aerospace;
    • scientific research labs.

Tactical fiber optic cable specifications

The assembly (MOCA) can be manufactured with cables of various designs depending on the conditions of use. Typical designs of fiber optic cables are based on central tube made of polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) or steel with various strength elements or on buffered fibers. These designs provide a wide range of characteristics and are listed in the table. If typical designs do not meet customer’s requirements, specific cable can be designed and manufactured in accordance with these requirements.

Typical MOCA designs characteristics
  Type 1 Type 2 Type 3 Type 4 Type 5
Cable name OSVs OSV ODVs ODV OBA
Cross-section osvs osv 0 odvs odv 0 oba 0
Central member Stainless steel tube PBT tube Stainless steel tube PBT tube Buffered fiber
Strength member Roped steel wire armouring Aramid yarn
Cable outer diameter, mm 4,1
Cable weight per 1 km, kg 41 36 20 16 14
Long-term tensile strength, kN (kg) 1,9 (194) 1,6 (163) 1,3 (132) 1,0 (102) 0,4 (41)
Short-term tensile strength, kN (kg) 2,2 (225) 1,85 (188) 1,5 (153) 1,15 (117) 0,45 (46)
Bending radius, mm 85
Crushing strength, kN/cm (kg/10 cm) 0,5 (510) 0,3 (306) 0,5 (510) 0,3 (306)
Impact strength, J. 30 10
Clamping of cable in the connector strength Not less than 90% of cable tensile strength
Number of optical contacts and fibers 1, 2 or 4
Typical insertion loss, up to, dB 1,5
Typical return loss, no less than, dB 35
Length, m As required by Customer


Bulkhead mounted on a front panel to connect devices via standard connectors (FC, LC, SC etc.).

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TFOC – terminated fiber optic cable, for mating devices via standard connectors (FC, LC, SC etc.).


OLD – optical loop device, for organizing fiber loop in the cable, for example for the purpose of testing.


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